The Sea Experience 

Agropoli and its community are intimately tied to the sea, and over the centuries its waters have shaped its unique characteristics.

Thanks to the crystal-clear waters of  Trentova Bay  and the Lungomare San Marco promenade, every year this seaside resort wins FEE Blue Flag certification for its clean sea, environmental protection, and the efficiency of its tourist services. 

The Blue Flag also flies over the marina, which has 1,200 moorings and is the largest along the coast south of Salerno, offering a safe haven for yachts sailing the waters of the Tyrrhenian. In recent years it has also become a destination for cruise liners. The port offers stunning views of the promontory and the old town. 

The Nature Experience 

Trentova – Tresino is a pristine area of exceptional environmental and aesthetic value, falling entirely within the Cilento, Vallo di Diano and AlburniNational Park. La varietà fisica e biologica della fauna e della flora è apprezzabile percorrendo i vari sentieri che attraversano il sito. I percorsi, adatti ad ogni tipo di attività all’aria aperta sono punteggiati da testimonianze storiche di elevato valore.

Enjoy the physical and biological diversity of the fauna and flora by taking a stroll along the numerous trails, excellent sites for birdwatching and observing plant species. The marked paths are accessible to hikers of all levels and sometimes skirt the crystal-clear waters, then plunge into the Mediterranean maquis, offer breathtaking vistas and an unforgettable symphony of emotions, colours, and fragrances. Nature is the perfect setting for a rich historical legacy and concealed amidst the vegetation in the natural port of Vallone is a double-burial tomb and the remains of a great wall surrounding the site of a Graeco-Roman villa. Also highly evocative, in the vicinity of the Church of San Giovanni Battista, which dates back to 957, is the village of San Giovanni. Then there bridges in local stone and farmsteads, all built between the 1700 and 1900s, not to mention the conche, gigantic sandstone formations that dominate the north side of the hill.

The Trentova–Tresino Visitors’ Centre plays a crucial role is promoting the area. Here there is no better pastime than a day outdoors, choosing from a wide range of activities to enjoy, such as hiking, horse-riding, excursions, kayaking, underwater fishing, archery, and mountain biking.